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Answers to Common RV Repair Questions

Many of our customers have questions about the services we provide. We are happy to answer them before we perform any service. In addition to offering a free estimate for our services, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Here are answers to some of the more common questions we are asked:

Do you work on motor home engines?

No, we do not work on motorhome engines, transmissions or generators, but everything else we do, and we do it well!

What is the difference between an estimate and diagnostics?

When your RV is having an issue, it usually takes a lot more than a quick “look,” to know exactly what the problem is, especially on appliances. Most of the time our technicians can see that something is not working, but in order to properly know what is wrong (and what is causing this issue) appliances need to be pulled apart and tested. This takes time, as does properly diagnosing each individual problem. Often the unit will have to be removed from the RV and tested thoroughly to find EXACTLY what the issue is, and WHY this has happened. This prevents it from happening again. We do charge a fee for all diagnostics. If you come to the shop, and want someone from our establishment to diagnose your problem, we are taking a technician away from a job that they are currently working on to look at, and diagnose your issue. We understand that you require this service, but please understand as well, that you will be charged a diagnostics fee!

How much will a job be?

We don’t know until we take a good look at each individual job. An estimate will then be created on a “per job” basis. Please see our services page for our estimate disclaimer.

Do your services carry a warranty?

Our work is our warranty. Our business was built, and continues to thrive on “word of mouth” and customer satisfaction. We take that very seriously. If you have a continued problem, please call us. We will do all we can within reason to ensure your satisfaction.

An appliance that I purchased is not working, and it has an extended warranty, do I just bring it in to you?

The purchaser HAS to start the claim with the extended warranty company. The company will not speak to us unless initiated first by the products owner. This applies to any product with an extended warranty. Please contact the manufacturer of your product first.

I have a problem with my RV, and want to start an insurance claim on it. Do you handle that?

All insurance claims MUST be initiated by the owner. Please contact the insurance company first, they will then contact us. We are a certified ICBC vendor, and work very closely with a lot of private insurance centres!

Are you open on weekends?

By appointment.

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